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Solar Road Rescue

With Solar Road Rescue, you can be confident our experienced team will get you and your passengers back on the road fast.

We have a range of policies available to suit your requirements, please see below a summary of possible policy options:

  • UK & European Road Rescue
  • Commercial Road Rescue
  • Hire & Reward Road Rescue
  • Commerical Hire & Reward Road Rescue
  • Driving School Road Rescue
  • Classic Car Road Rescue

Useful Information

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Whats Covered?

  • If the vehicle breaks down, the insurer will arrange and pay for a breakdown vehicle to come to the vehicle (for up to one hour) to try to get it working again.
  • If the vehicle cannot be made safe to drive at the place you have broken down, the insurer will arrange and pay for the vehicle, the driver and up to six passengers to be taken to a suitable local garage (normally within 15 miles) for it to be repaired. You must pay the costs of any repairs.
  • Full details of cover are shown in the Terms & Conditions of the policy which is available to view and download at the top left of the web page. These full Terms & Conditions are also part of your quotation document and policy schedule.

Whats Not Covered?

  • Any breakdown that happens during the first 24 hours in the UK or during the first 5 days in Europe after you take out the cover for the first time.
  • Labour costs for more than one hour of roadside help
  • The cost of guaranteeing the quality of repairs when the vehicle is repaired in any garage the  vehicle is taken to.
There are some exlusions and this list is not exhaustive. please see Policy Wording and Terms & Conditions.

Acceptable Vehicle Types Explained

  • Private Car
  • Light Commercial Vehicle
  • Motorcycle
  • Motorhome

All of the above must be under 16 years of age and no longer than 6.5 metres, no heavier than 5,000 kilograms, no higher than 3 metres and no wider than 2.5 metres.

Road Rescue  up to 7.5 ton

  • Can be no longer than 8.5 metres
  • No heavier than 7.5 kilogrammes
  • No higher than 3.5 metres
  • No wider than 2.5 metres
  • Must be under 16 years old since first registration

Insurers Details

Inter Partner Assistance SA,
The Quadrangle,
106-118 Station Road,
Redhill, Surrey, UK

Any Driver Covered

Any insured driver of the vehicle will be able to use the service without paying extra premiums as the cover is solely for the vehicle.

Home Start

Providing total peace of mind if the vehicle should require assistance at or within one mile of your home address.


In the event of a customer putting the wrong fuel in their vehicle, we will arrange for the tank to be drained and flushed before refuelling with up to ten litres of the correct fuel. (Only valid on UK cover in the 0 to 3.5T category)

Types of Vehicles Covered

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Motorcycles
  • Couriers
  • Taxi's
  • Driving Instructors
  • Minibuses

Age of Vehicle

European Breakdown - Vehicle must be under 17 Years old
Commercial Breakdown - Vehicle must be under 15 Years old.

Please bear in mind that vehicles must meet the weight and dimensions of our 0 to 3.5T scheme on UK cover.

Roadside Assistance & Local Recovery

A fully qualified mechanic will attend the breakdown and repair the vehicle at the roadside. If after one hour the vehicle cannot be repaired or the operator deems it unable to be repaired at the roadside, it will then be recovered and taken to a local garage.

Nationwide Vehicle Recovery

Recovery of the vehicle and up to 8 people to any single desination within the policy limits. This is increased for minibuses to a maximum of 17 people. If the vehicle is not repairable within the allotted time, a replacement vehicle or overnight accommodation will be supplied.

Onward Transportation

The customer and passengers have the option to be transported to their original destination or alternatively recovered to their home address.

Up to 6 Call outs during the policy period

No extra costs for the client to pay if they need to utilise their policy on more than one occasion.

Caravan or Trailer Cover

Any Caravan or Trailer up to 3.5 tonnes in weight, 8 metres in lentgh, 3 metres in height and 2.3 metres in width will be covered by the policy when they are being towed by the vehicle on cover.

European Cover

European cover is available as an option on all cover levels with the exception of the driving instructor policy in the 0 to 3.5T category, providing the vehicle is under 17 years old.